Video Of A Group Of Children With Disabilities Experiencing Zero-Gravity

October 13, 2017


This is a video of a group of eight children and two adults living with disabilities getting to experience weightlessness aboard an Airbus A310 flying in parabolic arcs to simulate zero-gravity. The Rêves de Gosse (Kids' Dreams) event was organized by Les Chevaliers du Ciel (The Knights Of Heaven), along with the European Space Agency, and noveSpace (who operate the plane). There's a lot of buildup, but I recommend watching the whole thing for MAXIMUM EMOTION. Personally, I found 0:31, 0:53, 1:23, 1:34, 1:44, and 1:50 - 3:05 all particularly great places to cry.

Keep going for the video, and make sure you have the volume on.

Thanks to Lucinda, for your feel-good video of the day.

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