Timelapses Of Cassette And VHS Tapes Dissolving In Acetone Vapors

October 6, 2017


These are two timelapse videos from Youtube channel Amazing Timelapse. The first is a cassette tape dissolving in acetone vapors over the course of 32 hours. The second is a VHS tape over the course of 160 hours. Apparently the VHS tape was significantly more stubborn because "it had some kind of skeleton made out of plastic which is almost immune to acetone." You think that's same material Wolverine's skeleton is made out of? "No." Just checking. You never can be too sure, you know. Like last night when I was getting into bed my girlfriend asked if I'd made sure to blow out all the candles in the living room. I told her of course I did but then she asked me to go check again and I agreed on the condition that if I was right she had to forfeit one of her good pillows. "And?" The coffee table was fire.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Gregory, who can't believe acetone is so strong and we still use it as nail polish remover. And drink it. Other people drink it too, right?

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