Timelapse Of Six Robotic Vacuums Cleaning A Man's Airplane Hangar Man Cave

October 9, 2017

This is a short timelapse video of six different robotic vacuums simultaneously cleaning Youtuber CirrusPilot's airplane hangar man cave. They look like little bugs scurrying around. Why anybody would own six robotic vacuums is beyond me, but I guess if you have enough money for an airplane hangar man cave, you have enough money for $2,000 worth of robotic vacuums. Of course for $2,000 I'd come clean that hangar every week with my roommate's toothbrush. Topless. Bottomless for an extra $20 and a smile.

Keep going for the video. One repeatedly tries to hump his leg at 0:26, a service I could also provide.

Thanks to Dougie, who cleans his man cave the easy way: not having one. :(

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