The Future Nears: Spinning LED Fan Creates Illusion Of A 3-D Hologram

October 12, 2017


This is a video demonstration of a gadget that appears to project 3-D holograms. It's actually just a spinning fan with quickly changing LEDs along its blades though (similar in concept to those bike wheel light kits that play moving graphics, except with much more detailed graphics). Pretty cool, right? Also, where was the Princess Leia animation? You don't make something like this and not include a Princess Leia and R2-D2 animation, I don't care what the copyright laws are.

Keep going for the video but watch to the end, it gets better and better. Also, apparently it would look even better with a camera with a framerate closer to the fan's speed (so you wouldn't see the blade effect like in this video), and even better than that WITH YOUR NAKED EYES. I love your naked eyes. Stare at the sun with me?

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Thanks to Clint, who agrees magic is all around us. But mostly in the forest and bogs, because that's where witches live.

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