The Future Nears: Google's Real-Time Language Translating Wireless Earbuds

October 9, 2017


Note: Ignore the closed caption, that was Youtube trying to caption Swedish in English. I just left it there because clearly there's an Illuminati message hidden inside that I need help deciphering so we can find the treasure.

This is Google's announcement and demonstration of their upcoming Pixel Buds, $160 wireless earbuds with real time language translation (they'll launch with 40 different translatable languages) via connection to a Google Assistant-enabled Android device. Obviously, now everybody is going to be using these to find out what people are saying about them behind their back in different languages. And why I'm hard at work developing an all new language so people can't Pixel Bud spy on me. Virtually everything I say is top secret. "You've never said anything important in your life." Top secret doesn't mean important. I've been wearing the same underwear for three days. See? "Point taken, do your laundry." No way, Tide uses the scent in their detergents to control our minds. When I get paid again I'll buy new underwear.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 0:55 if you just want to see the translation demonstration.

Thanks to Clint, SS, hairless and Deborah, who agree the most exciting part of learning a new language are all the dirty words.

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