The 12 Nights Of Wine: A 12 Day Advent Calendar, Each With A Glass Of Wine

October 11, 2017


Because there's no way my aunt could survive the holidays (or any other days) without wine, this is The 12 Nights Of Wine, a $129 12-day Advent calendar from Vinebox that comes with twelve individual vials (each a glass's worth) of "hand-curated wines from the best regions in the world." For reference, that's $10.75 a glass, or what I typically pay for two whole bottles.
When reached for comment about the product, my aunt had this to say: "I would drink that all in a day. Two tops." Keep in mind this is also the woman who crocheted a cover for one of those plastic bags that comes inside a box of wine so she can take it everywhere and pretend it's a seat cushion. 'They never give you enough at church," I remember her once slurring through purple teeth.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who made me promise to gift her one, like I even have $129 to spend on gifts this year.

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