That's Wonderful News: There's A Facebook Page For UPS Drivers To Post Pics Of The Dogs They Meet On Their Routes

October 24, 2017


UPS DOGS is a Facebook page created by UPS driver and dog lover Sean McCarren where other UPS drivers can post pics of all the dogs they meet on the job. There are a lot of sweet looking dogs on the page, and it almost made me want to become a UPS driver. Then I remembered just how much I don't like driving. Plus I'm not very good at it. "Is that your car parked on the sidewalk?" What do you think? "Your driver side window is broken." I know, I thought I locked myself inside and panicked.

Keep going for a handful of UPS dogs.










Thanks to Alyssa, who agrees dogs are the best customers.

  • Jenness

    This is precious

  • JJtoob

    Dogs make me nervous. A co-worker of mine had to deliver food to this one house a few times, and the dog was not well behaved, and the owners were dumbasses who let the dog do as it pleased. The dog had this habit of wanting to nibble on everything, and eventually, bit my co-worker in the ass lol. The owners agreed to send the dog to train, when it came back, it was better, but I could tell it wasn't over its habit of wanting to bite things. Eventually, they moved out. All because they were too lazy to either train the dog personally, or lock it up when people came to the house...

  • GeneralDisorder

    Dear Rule34. Please ignore the image above. I think I speak for everyone.

  • TheQiwiMan

    The Police version of this would have nothing but dead dogs from when they 'feared for their lives'...

  • GeneralDisorder

    That first picture looks like it could either be an Eskie or a Samoyed. If it's an eskie there's good reason to fear for your safety. Those dogs are complete shitheads. At least my ex wife's two are complete shitheads who chew on strangers every chance they get.

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