That US Vs Japan Giant Mecha Battle Finally Happened, Could Not Have Been More Underwhelming

October 18, 2017


In the works since 2015, that U.S.-based Megabots vs Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry mecha battle finally happened, and my goodness was it pathetic. It ranks right up there with your parents forgetting your birthday. I've seen more exciting Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot fights. Even Hungry Hungry Hippos. They could have filmed the whole thing in black and white and convinced me it happened sixty years ago. It's like a BattleBots fight except the robots are giant, entirely underpowered, and struggle to cause any real damage to each other. I want my money back. "You didn't pay anything." I invested TIME, which is the most valuable resource of all. "Your time is worthless." Hmm, I did watch the TV Guide channel for three hours last night.

Keep going for the video, but the first battle starts at 8:20, second battle at 13:20 and final battle at 19:50 (the most exciting, complete with fake set knock-down), and I really can't recommend watching any more than those parts.

Thanks to Aleks, Andreas and Nate, who agree it would have been a lot more exciting to just watch two tanks do battle.

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