Stop Motion Video Made Entirely With Carved Pumpkins

October 26, 2017

This is 'Oh My Gourd', a stop motion video made entirely with carved pumpkins. That looks like it took a lot of work. Unless they had a laser carve the pumpkins for them, then it looks like not as much work and a sweet-ass burning laser. Point it at my eyes, I want to see the future. They didn't use a laser though, because you can see them carving one of the pumpkins at the end. There's also a shot of all the pumpkins they used, which was a lot. Me? I don't buy my pumpkin till the day before Halloween for DEEPER DISCOUNTS and LESS SELECTION. It's easy to pick the perfect pumpkin when there aren't any good ones left. These are all terrible, I'll just take that weird rectangular one. "That's a hay bale." Are you going to sell it to me or not? "Wait -- are you the guy who only wanted to buy the stumps at our Christmas tree lot last year?" Must have been my brother, he's a little off.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Clark, who went with a classic bat pumpkin carving this year. Ooooh, a World Series theme, I like it.

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