So, We've Come To This: Starbucks Unveils A Zombie Frappuccino For Halloween

October 27, 2017


This is the just released Starbucks Zombie Frappuchino, a limited time beverage released for Halloween (and only available from October 26th to 31st). The green caramel apple flavored beverage is supposed to resemble zombie skin with a dollop of dark mocha blood and pink whipped cream brains on top, although the brains look more like the turd of a dog who ate crayons to me. Still, if it's anything like their Unicorn Frappucino from earlier this year, everyone will still go buy one, post the absolutely perfect picture of it on Instagram, then complain how it tasted like complete ass, like you could honestly expect anything different.

Keep going for a review of the drink by Business Insider (SPOILER: they didn't like it).

Thanks to Kate, n0nentity and Stephanie B, who agree if your'e going to spend six dollars on a novelty drink, it better be served with alcohol in a collectible keepsake cup.

  • Rayzrz

    Yea, pretty easy to hate on Sbux. The drink itself is pretty good though, to be honest and this coming from someone who dislikes frappuccinos greatly. I completely ignored the Unicron hysteria but this one is a fun novelty and it looks like they kept plenty more in stock this time around.

  • The only thing I ever get in Starbucks (not that I go in very often) is tea.

  • Jenness

    I have had this Starbucks ban in place but did go and all the baristas happened to be dressed up as Zombies. They all seemed really happy and really did it up. I am basic so got a Pumpkin spice latte and not this zombie thing though. LOL Here's a picture I took because I was way impressed:

  • TheQiwiMan

    I will not be giving Starbucks my money.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The last time I went to Starbucks was to take a shit before a job interview in 2008.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Because you are a True Patriot (TM)!

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