Solid Salesmanship: Slinky Vendor Reveals His Wizardry

October 10, 2017

This is a video of a Slinky vendor attracting potential buyers with his ability to bend time and space with his mastery of the toy. I just bought a hundred. Could you imagine if every infomercial salesperson were this proficient with their product? I would own so much useless shit right now. And two of all the things that are two for the price of one if you just pay separate processing and handling.

Keep going for the video, the real action starts around 0:30.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    I notice his shop isn't near any stairs... (¬_¬)

  • HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AMAZING! Fricken So Slinky does nothing and makes a huge marketing comeback thanks to this guy! Put him on the SLINKY TOY TOUR & pay this man for saving your dive in sales since the iPad came out lol

  • Doog

    Hello Duran, I've come from the future to let you know that Slinky did not in fact make a great comeback. I'm sure you're surprised.

  • Wiley

    it's like yoyo tricking except even less socially acceptable. next random time I have a slinky around me (not exactly a common occurance) I'll attempt some of these maybe.

  • peterjohn

    The power of Christ compels you!

  • GeneralDisorder

    Here I thought slinkys (slinkies?) were boring. Wait... yeah. They're still kinda boring. This dude must have the least interesting job in the world to get that good at anything.

  • TheQiwiMan

    My favorite part was how intensely that cute little girl was trying to do what he showed her, exactly how he was doing it. So cute!

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