So That's What That Looks Like: Dropping A 1,300 Pound Pumpkin 40 Feet Onto A Car

October 16, 2017


These are two videos (the second is in slow motion) from the first annual Operation Pumpkin Drop in Saskatoon, Canada. The event raised over $9,000 for a children's charity (via raffles) and basically involved crushing things with pumpkins dropped from a 40-foot crane. The highlight was this 1,300 pound pumpkin demolishing a car. No word if organizers realize that is not how you make pumpkin pie. At least that's not how my mom used to do it (she always used a catapult because she's oldschool).

Keep going for the videos while I see if I can get that car running again.

Thanks to Ash, who agrees if it starts raining 1,300 pumpkins, you better pray you're not in your car.

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