Rick Of Rick And Morty Sells Out For An Old Spice Commercial

October 25, 2017


This is a clip from Adult Swim (which is technically an Old Spice commercial -- aka "sponsored content") starring Rick and Morty because Rick sold out for some quick cash. The ad is peddling Old Spice's new line of Invisible Sprays that, according to what Rick is reading through a bullhorn, "Go on clear, smell great, and provide 48 hours of odor and sweat protection." Forty-eight hours of sweat protection -- seriously? There isn't a deodorant or antiperspirant alive that can keep me from sweating, not even for a minute. And no matter how much product I put on, my natural musk overpowers it within six hours, tops. "You smell like a chili cheese dog with onions." Captivating, isn't it? "I think I'm gonna puke." Ha, you sound like my girlfriend. She hates onions. And chili cheese dogs. But mostly that I smell like them all the time.

Keep going for the clip.

Thanks to Jacques, who agrees Old Spice's Hawkridge and Wolfthorn scents from the Wild Collection are still the best, because that's what I wear.

  • Terry Crews made my favorite Old Spice ads.

  • Andy Schnell

    If you fall for the whole "reluctant advertising" schtick, you are dumber than the average RnM fan, the bar for which is already pretty low. This show has sold out and season 3 was awful, period. Lucky for them, most of the fans can't tell.

  • MM

    it's not reluctant, it just isn't a genuine advertisement

  • Deplorable Erik Dee

    I get chemical burns from old spice. But damn I smell good.

  • Douchy McDouche

    What, no Schwifty scent?

  • dougfunnay

    "You gotta get schwifty.
    Oh, yeah!
    Take off your pants and your panties.
    Shit on the floor.
    Time to get Schwifty in here
    I'm Mr. Bulldops.
    I'm Mr. Bulldops.
    Take a shit on the floor.
    Time to get schwifty in here
    Hey take your pants off its schwifty time today"

    do you really want a schwifty scent?

  • TheQiwiMan

    While I will never buy Old Spice, THIS is how you make a commercial entertaining and actually worth watching.

  • Talon184

    Holy crud...I already use the Swagger scent!!! Now it's Rick and Morty approved!!!

  • Steve

    I want to be annoyed by this but they were so up front with how they were selling out that I still dig it

  • Hazakabammer

    Like Idubbbz said to Asian Jake Paul; "You can be a cunt, just own that you're being a cunt, then I have no problem with it."

  • GeneralDisorder

    Having Rick read from cue cards is a perfect touch. Granted, I won't be buying Old Spice any time soon but that's mostly because I have like 6 cans of Axe body spray and the only thing I use it for is impromptu flamethrower.

    Edit: the propellant is isobutane so if anyone is wondering why Axe body spray would make a kick ass flamethrower, now you know. I'd imagine any body spray should use relatively harmless (compared t CFCs) propellants like butane and isobutane.

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