Real Products That Exist: 'Fried Chicken Leg' Pants

October 4, 2017


These are the 'fried chicken leg' pants spotted by Twitter user k_kazu_magi on major Japanese online retail site, Rakuten. They make you look like you have giant fried chicken drumsticks for legs. Is that desirable? I guess it depends on wether you're dating a vegan or Colonel Sanders. My girlfriend? She has no interest in chicken and only eats moon rocks because she's an alien. Honestly, her teeth have seen better days and she's kinda terrifying to kiss. Still, she's great to have around in case of emergencies because one time we got locked inside her apartment and she just chewed through the door.

Keep going for a handful more shots.






Thanks to Charlotte, who wants pants that make her legs look like Jack Skellington's. God, don't we all?

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