Real Products That Exist: A Basic Cell Phone That Doubles As A Fidget Spinner

October 20, 2017

This is the Chilli K188 cell phone/fidget spinner from India (and available on Amazon India in a variety of colors for around 1,100 rupees, ~$17) It's a super basic cell phone (it can make and receive calls and texts) that doubles as a fidget spinner you can use while you're anxiously awaiting a return text from your crush. SPOILER: It's never coming. "Why not?" Because you own a fidget spinner cell phone.

Keep going for a closeup and a video review of the phone while I invent yo-yo and slap bracelet cell phones and become a millionaire overnight. Or try to catch the tooth fairy in a jar using an animal tooth I found as bait.

Thanks to Manny, who prefers all his personal distractions each sold separately.

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