Qoobo: A Headless, Limbless Robotic Cat Pillow Thing With A Tail That Wags To Interaction

October 9, 2017


These are several shots and a video of Qoobo, a Japanese "healing pillow" that's supposed to help owners relax and feel good by stroking it and making it wag its tail. It resembles a cat with no head or legs, just a tail. That's weird. They're supposed to be available some time next year for around $100 and come in two coats: grey and brown. They're perfect for...actually I'm not sure who they're perfect for, or if I'd want to meet those people.

Keep going for several more shots and a video while I cry into a body pillow like a normal person.







Thanks to Lucinda, who still prefers Teddy Ruxpin. Plus he can read you bedtime stories.

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