Pokémon Pikachu Coin Grabbing Piggy Bank

October 31, 2017


This is the Pokémon Pikachu Coin Bank available exclusively from ThinkGeek (in the US). When a coin is pressed on the activation button, Pikachu reaches out to steal your money, accompanied by a handful of over 200 different sounds and phrases. It's a great way to save. Unfortunately, the bank costs $30, which means I'd have to do some saving to be able to afford it, which is impossible when I don't already have an existing bank for saving. It's a real catch-22. "Joseph Heller would be proud." What was he, an outfielder? "The guy who wrote Catch-22." I thought it was a baseball term.

Keep going for a video of the bank in action.

Thanks to Robin, who saves money the old fashioned way: letting all your change roll out of your pockets into the sofa until you really need it.

  • Megatron Jenkins
  • GeneralDisorder

    Before I was born my parents bought a coin bank that grabbed the coin and my sister was terrified of it. When I got old enough to see it and interact with it I was also terrified of it.

    I was about 10 or so I bought my own coin bank at a toy store for some reason. It was a cheap wind-up thing.

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