Optical Illusion Floor Tiles 'To Prevent People From Running Down Hallway'

October 11, 2017


This is the optical illusion ceramic tile floor installed by UK-based tile flooring manufacturer Casa Ceramica in the hallway to their showroom. They claim they had a problem with people running down the hallway and wanted to do something to prevent it, although who the hell would run down the hallway to a ceramic tile showroom is beyond me. Tile is not that exciting to anyone. Just admit you did it to show off your unique tiling. And that's okay, but there's no need to make up stories. The floor is made up of 400 individual tiles and the optical illusion only works from the perspective seen above (although from the opposite end it almost appears to bubble up a bit). Obviously, if this floor really does slow people down they should install this in the lobby of my office building to prevent accidents when everybody is trying to rush out of work. It's like a demolition derby down there. And not just because I've started parking my car in the lobby next to the elevators to make a quicker getaway, but other people have started doing the same (the key is to back into your opponents so you don't f*** up your engine).

Keep going for a shot from the other side, as well as a video of a man navigating the floor, and two more of it being installed.


Thanks to Dante, who agrees the best optical illusions are those Magic Eye books.

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