Optical Illusion Floor Rugs That Look Like Giant Gaping Holes

October 26, 2017


These are the Void Rugs created by British designer Scott Jarvie. They make it look like there's a giant gaping hole in the floor, but only when viewed from just the right angle. Otherwise they just look like a crescent moon. Jarvie is currently working on bringing the 100% merino wool rugs into production, which will presumably cost a small fortune when available. Alternatively, just cut an actual hole in your floor AND INSTALL A FIREMAN'S POLE! Don't act like you didn't always dream of having one when you were a kid. And what good is being an adult if you can't make all your childhood dreams come true? I drive a monster truck now, don't I? "That's a bicycle." Okay, I'm still working on that dream. And, fine, all the other ones. Man, this adult thing is tricky. At least I can buy lotto scratchers without a fake beard now.

Keep going for several more shots including a rectangular version.







Thanks to KACIE, who agrees the best rugs are the ones your pets don't pee on.

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