Nicolasticks, Nicolas Cage Themed Puffed Corn Snacks From Japan

October 9, 2017


These are Nicolasticks, Nicolas Cage branded puffed corn snacks from Japan being given away with advanced ticket sales to see 'Army of One,' the renamed Japanese release of 2016's 'Bin Laden Is My Prey.' Willy Wonka Scrumdiddlyumptious bars they are not.

The cylindrical corn puff snack, called Umaibo, is commonly and cheaply available in Japan, where it typically retails for just 10 yen ($0.08).

Still, marketers thought it was clearly an edge putting Cage's face on the packaging, given that people in Japan recognise him, after a string of weird Pachinko ads he did in the mid-2000s.

Pachinko is a Japanese pinball-style gambling game, which continues to achieve national levels of obsession.

I was unaware of these Nicolas Cage pachinko ads, but now that I've seen them (compilation video of them all included below), Nicolas Cage is even weirder than I previously thought, which was already at max levels. Now the needle has broken off inside the meter. If Nicolas Cage was a nuclear power plant we'd be having a catastrophic meltdown right now, and I'd be running straight for the core to collect my superpowers.

Keep going for the pachinko ads, which are definitely worth a watch. He'll always be a National Treasure.

Thanks to Caroline, who informed me she's buying anything Nicolas Cage is selling.

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