More Sweet Handmade Demon And Animal Skull Masks

October 18, 2017


Remember those handmade skull masks from a while back crafted by artist Catherine Gretschel? Well now she's back with more, including a couple different bird designs. In her own words while I put on my own scary mask and pummel my roommate with a turkey drumstick to wake him up:

Each mask was sculpted by hand in Monster Clay, molded with platinum silicone and cast in polyurethane resin. They are hand painted, sealed in Mr.Super Clear and backed in a faux suede with leather straps.

The masks are available for purchase at Catherine's online store and go for around $180. They're perfect for a fancy masquerade ball, which I've always wanted to go to but never been invited to. I guess my friends just aren't that fancy. "Your friends just aren't that real." Your words hurt me. "Do they the bone?" Hoho, I see what you did there but I still hate you.

Keep going for shots of the rest.







Thanks Catherine, and keep up the good work. Also if you could make me a skull plague doctor mask like that long-beaked bird one that would be sweet.

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