Microsoft Hides Etching Of Master Chief Riding A Scorpion On Motherboard Inside New XBox One X

October 9, 2017


This is a shot of the Easter Egg hidden inside the new XBox One X consoles being released November 7th. It's an etching of Master Chief riding a scorpion (a nod to the console's project code name Scorpio, as well as the M808B 'Scorpion' Battle Tanks in Halo) located on the system's motherboard (previously: the Master Chief inside every XBox One S etched into a mounting bracket for the optical drive). How about that! Just void your warranty and there he is. I just opened my Playstation Pro to see what Sony was hiding in there and all I found were some pieces of broken plastic and metal and now it won't power back on. "Maybe you shouldn't have opened it with a hammer." Hindsight is 20/20 and I'm a man of action.

Thanks to my buddy Rev Doc Dom, who just ripped open all his electronics looking for Easter Eggs. Me? I have no trouble finding them because my mom always hides them in plain sight because she knows I suck at hunting and doesn't want me to feel bad by not finding any.

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