Man's Kung Fu Slinky Tricks On Talent Show Program

October 17, 2017

Because Slinkies are making a comeback in a big way just like slap bracelets are (at least I hope so -- I bought an 8' x 12' storage unit full of each to sell right before Christmas), this is a video from a Chinese talent show program of a guy pulling every move out of his bag of Slinky tricks. *shrug* Everybody needs a hobby. For some people it's Slinkies, for other people it's yo-yos or Rubik's Cubes or domino mazes. For me? It's being the world's greatest lover. "Like sexually?" God no, of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jeff D, who agrees there's nothing a Slinky can't do if you really believe in it plus it isn't a Slinky but a Swiss Army Knife.

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