Man Builds Two Story AT-AT Walker In Front Yard For Halloween

October 20, 2017


These are several shots of the two story AT-AT walker that Parma, Ohio man Nick Myer built in his front yard for Halloween. Some more info while I petition my neighborhood home owner's association to let me use black magic to revive some real corpses for Halloween (they're sticklers):

Obviously, a giant AT-AT walker out in the neighborhood has gained some pretty intense foot traffic and visitors from all over Ohio. Many Star Wars fans have taken to social media to share their pilgrimage to the Hoth land, with some even getting into character, dressing as Imperial Stormtroopers and standing next to the mighty Imperial armored transporter from Episode V. Miraculously, Nick Myer's wife and neighbors fully approve of the AT-AT walker and don't seem to mind all of the attention that the Halloween display is gaining.

I think the most hilarious part about this whole thing is how Nick is pretending he did this just for Halloween, like he hasn't dreamed of having a giant AT-AT in his front yard all year round. And can you blame him? It's going to look even better around Christmas when there's snow on the ground. Then Halloween is only another 10 months away so you might as well leave it up. "You haven't taken your Christmas tree down yet, have you, GW?" Not since 2014, no.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I speculate if Nick goes the extra mile and hands out full-size candy bars.




Thanks to Rev Doc Dom, who plans on building a full-size functional Death Star for Halloween. Ambitious!

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