'Levitating' Star Wars Speeder Bikes Built For Halloween

October 31, 2017


These are a couple videos of the custom 'levitating' Star Wars speeder bikes built by Lithium Cycles using electric bicycles from Super 73. Obviously, they're not really levitating, they just have mirrored fenders that cover the wheels to give the ILLUSION of levitation. Still, very clever, and if I were judging the costume contest they entered I'd definitely have no choice but to tell them they tried way too hard just to win a $75 gift certificate to a place they don't even like to eat.

Keep going for two videos, the first of the bikes speeding around New York City (complete with chase), the second documenting the building of the bikes.

Thanks to Phil F., who agrees they really missed the opportunity for some uproarious Ewok hijinx.

  • Doog

    This is legit awesome. I'm surprised and happy by how many people on the streets actually care about seeing this.

  • Hazakabammer

    I have the opposite thoughts. Anyone who thinks any of the Star Wars franchise is good, is a Moron.

  • Doog

    Harsh. I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree, unless you also find that moronic.

  • Kelly

    Some people just want to be entertained. Everyone finds different things entertaining. You may not know this but some people find the absurdity of dumb things entertaining.

    I personally enjoy Star Wars. I like the science fiction theme with a little mystic fantasy mxed in. There is a book series that has a similar theme called Starships Mage that I like as well. So I suppose its the gerne I like.

    South Park did an episode titled T.M.I. That sums up the personaility of people who get angry for seemily no reason or reasons that are pointless. I would think ranting in the comments section of something you don’t like qualifies as an example.

  • Hazakabammer

    One man's rant is another man's lecture.


    I thought it made NY'ers look dumb, some of the responses were asinine

  • Hazakabammer

    Everyone who thinks Star Wars is quality science fiction is a Moron. It's over-hyped trash with a mediocre plotline. The only reason it was/is a big deal in the original trilogy is for the amount of effort that went into the movie, because it was pre-CGI or any of that shit. Now it's just being pumped to the Idiots who are eager to buy into it because it's this "big thing" - it's like Retards who go to McDonalds, which is next door to a mom & pop burger joint, but they go to McDonalds just because it's bigger. Same goes for people who buy into brands. They are all sub-intellects that should be disposed of. But fuck, someone has to wash my car, scan my groceries, clean my house and pay taxes so I don't have to.

  • whacko

    Do you need a hug bro?

  • Hazakabammer

    I'm not a hugging kind of guy.

  • Doog

    ''...and pay taxes so I don't have to''

    Did you just admit to tax evasion or do you not believe money has value?

  • Hazakabammer

    Money is a tool and "tax evasion" (aka evading paying tax by using the laws and regulation to your advantage) isn't illegal. Not paying your taxes is illegal. I'm sure in some socialist/communist equality of outcome hellscape like the Lefties want, not paying my share of taxes would be illegal, but I believe in free society and that in a free society, everything is voluntary participation. If you drive a car on the road, you volunteer to pay taxes to maintain the roads and if I want the fire dept or cops to come when my property is threatened by fire or burglars, I volunteer to pay my share towards their salaries and equipment- it's common sense stuff.

    If you're a common pleb, you pay your taxes in full and then some. If you're willing to put in a few hours of research you can find all sorts of expenses and loop holes with which to minimise how much tax you pay and even claim back. In some cases you can take a strategy that keeps you below a specific amount of income and thereby pay no tax at all yet still live well. I paid no taxes (aside from value added tax on goods bought at a store, but I bought most of my stuff online anyway) in 2016 because I never breached the limit required to earn as personal income to be taxed on it, I don't own my own property (yet) so I don't pay property tax (in the, UK council tax) either. Then when April rolled around in 2017, end of the tax year, the government sent me a check for £137. Government pays me not to pay taxes because I'm not an Idiot. :) Gotta learn to earn, my man.

    As for money, it's a tool. If you save money you're an Idiot. Money devalues in the bank, even with a high interest rate, due to inflation. You have to make your money work for you by investing in appreciating assets- things that raise in price because of limited supply, like land/property -or assets that produce goods, like chickens that lay eggs to sell to your local whole foods/Hippie organic store twice a week (which is also a transaction which is cash in hand and so I pay no tax on it, however the store pays value added tax.)

  • palpable ovaltine

    So....you avoid income taxes by making yourself artificially poor. Which is a terrible idea, but you did get a whopping $200 out of it! You advocate owning property, but don't, to avoid property taxes.
    (And just as an aside, you realize that you are paying property taxes right? You're paying the property taxes of the person who owns your house/apartment and building their equity. They aren't operating at a loss.)
    And since you think saving is dumb, and chickens aren't typically a liquid asset, how do you plan on acquiring the down-payment to purchase large items like property? I also don't believe that Whole Foods will pay cash under the table to a supplier, or even waste their time buying from someone producing what must be a tiny amount of eggs.

  • Hazakabammer

    I used whole foods as an example to the type of store that operates locally, obviously whole foods themselves wouldn't do it, they're a big chain brand. I meant the smaller stores that usually only have the one location. Another place to sell produce that you can get at home is at a local farmer's market. The number of eggs they produce is dependent upon breed, environment and number of chickens. I have a small plot of land on the edge of town that I have my own little projects going on. Gotta have something to do with all my free time, other than replying to people trying to bring me down because of my success on the internet.
    I got way more than $200. That was just the amount the government paid to me after I'd expensed everything on my tax assessment.
    Monetarily I'm doing quite well, I have no need to work because my income is enough for me to live on. As for owning property, I live in a single bedroom of a four bedroom house that I rent out to three other tenants as an HMO, I don't own it but have a mortgage on it. In the UK you get up to £7500 per tenant tax free under the government's spare room scheme, which doesn't count as personal income (my tenants come short of that.) As a landlord, I can expense furniture, kitchenware, appliances, home repairs, you name it- it's amazing.
    As for paying off the mortgage and thus equity of a landlord, that's not a requirement. It's possible to only pay the interest on a mortgage so that you can get more cashflow from a property to put into another property, which I'm in the process of doing. When I have a number of properties I intend to pay off the mortgage in capital chunks. I pay a bit more, but the annual average appreciation for homes over the past 10 years in the UK has been 19.6%, even at half of that I still win- which it'd never be half that, because I would only ever buy in big towns and cities. The UK doesn't have property taxes, we have council tax, which is paid if you own or rent a home and are above 18. Council tax isn't that much.
    I don't know who told you that liquid was good, but it's not. Property, antiques and the like aren't liquid assets, those are the ones you want to own more of.

  • Talon184

    "Money is a tool and "tax evasion" (aka evading paying tax by using the laws and regulation to your advantage) isn't illegal."

    You're confusing Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance. The terms "tax avoidance" and "tax evasion" are often used
    interchangeably, but they are very different concepts. Basically, tax
    avoidance is legal, while tax evasion is not.

    Tax avoidance is the legitimate minimizing of taxes,
    using methods approved by the IRS. Businesses avoid taxes by taking all
    legitimate deductions and by sheltering income from taxes by setting up
    employee retirement plans and other means, all legal and under the
    Internal Revenue Code or state tax codes.

    Tax evasion, on the other hand, is the illegal practice
    of not paying taxes, by not reporting income, reporting expenses not
    legally allowed, or by not paying taxes owed.

  • Hazakabammer

    Semantics really, but yes.

  • Talon184

    Proper legal terminology really, but yes.

  • Hazakabammer

    I am neither a lawyer nor an accountant and last I checked, in the standard dictionary for the English language, avoid and evade mean the same thing.

  • Talon184

    I'm not a lawyer or accountant either, but regardless of Webster's definition, in legal terms they are something different. It's not an issue of semantics. You were simply incorrect in your terminology. No big deal, you just used the wrong words.

  • Hazakabammer

    If it's not a big deal, why do you keep banging on about it?

  • Talon184

    I'm trying to help you.

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