'Levitating' Star Wars Speeder Bikes Built For Halloween

October 31, 2017


These are a couple videos of the custom 'levitating' Star Wars speeder bikes built by Lithium Cycles using electric bicycles from Super 73. Obviously, they're not really levitating, they just have mirrored fenders that cover the wheels to give the ILLUSION of levitation. Still, very clever, and if I were judging the costume contest they entered I'd definitely have no choice but to tell them they tried way too hard just to win a $75 gift certificate to a place they don't even like to eat.

Keep going for two videos, the first of the bikes speeding around New York City (complete with chase), the second documenting the building of the bikes.

Thanks to Phil F., who agrees they really missed the opportunity for some uproarious Ewok hijinx.

  • Doog

    This is legit awesome. I'm surprised and happy by how many people on the streets actually care about seeing this.

  • Hazakabammer

    I have the opposite thoughts. Anyone who thinks any of the Star Wars franchise is good, is a Moron.

  • Doog

    Harsh. I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree, unless you also find that moronic.


    I thought it made NY'ers look dumb, some of the responses were asinine

  • Hazakabammer

    Everyone who thinks Star Wars is quality science fiction is a Moron. It's over-hyped trash with a mediocre plotline. The only reason it was/is a big deal in the original trilogy is for the amount of effort that went into the movie, because it was pre-CGI or any of that shit. Now it's just being pumped to the Idiots who are eager to buy into it because it's this "big thing" - it's like Retards who go to McDonalds, which is next door to a mom & pop burger joint, but they go to McDonalds just because it's bigger. Same goes for people who buy into brands. They are all sub-intellects that should be disposed of. But fuck, someone has to wash my car, scan my groceries, clean my house and pay taxes so I don't have to.

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