Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) Pranks Fiance Rose Leslie (Ygritte) With Severed Head In Fridge

October 11, 2017


This is a clip from The John Ross Show of Kit Harrington showing off the April Fools' prank he played on his fiance Rose Leslie, which involved a very realistic replica of his severed head in the fridge. And, as Kit points out, props to Rose for being able to save the Brita water pitcher while having a heart attack. Still, no word how Kit was able to find and kill somebody who looks so much like him.

Keep going for the video while I carefully examine the contents of Kit's fridge trying to pick up clues for how I could become cooler and more handsome.

Thanks to April, who agrees the severed head in the fridge prank is second only to the severed head on a serving dish at the dinner table one where it's actually your real head through a hole in the table and you start screaming bloody murder when the lid is lifted. That's how my uncle had his first heart attack.

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