It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Owners Of The White's Breaking Bad House Erect Fence Around Property

October 12, 2017


Tired of disrespectful fans throwing pizzas on their roof, stealing rocks from their garden, and asking them to close their garage door or get out of the way so they can take the perfect picture, the owners of the White's home from Breaking Bad In Albuquerque, New Mexico are erecting a large wrought-iron fence around the property. It's a shame they had to do that. It's also a shame I didn't have the chance to make the pilgrimage before the fence. I'm what every single one of my teachers has referred to as 'slow.' Whatever, I do things at my own pace. "You haven't even learned to walk yet." Crawling is fun, I like crawling. "You can't even crawl forward, only backward." I do get stuck under the couch a lot.

Keep going for a video news report (complete with annoying tourists) while I ponder why they haven't sold the house to a rich, Breaking Bad fan who's cool eating roof pizza.

Thanks to Matt, who agrees it was only a matter of time till somebody did donuts in their yard in an Aztek.

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