Impressive Super Mario Bros. Overworld & Underworld Themes Performed On Marimba By One Man With Four Mallets

October 31, 2017


This is a video of musician Aaron DeWayne performing the Super Mario Bros. overworld and underworld themes (transcribed note-for-note from the original game music composed by Koji Kondo, who pretty much composed all the Mario and Zelda games, along with a ton of others, typically all on his own -- Ocarina Of Time being the last he did entirely by himself) on a marimba, with two mallets in each hand. He does a fantastic job, and it was very pleasant to listen to. Plus I admired his showmanship and flair. Flair is a thing I have an eye for. Butts and money on the ground are two others.

Keep going for the video, it's worth a watch and listen. BONUS FACT: "The Nintendo Entertainment System was capable of producing only 4 sounds at a time: 3 tones + 1 noise channel. Here, Aaron plays the 3 pitched voices: melody, harmony, and bass."

Thanks to CH, for inspiring me to write a letter to HR detailing why we should hire a full-time marimba player to boost employee morale and productivity. "It took you four hours." Because we don't have a marimba player! I can't multi-task like this.

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