Iceland Experiments With 3-D Painted Crosswalks To Get The Attention Of Distracted Drivers

October 24, 2017


This is a video showing off one of of the experimental new crosswalks painted in Ísafjörður, Iceland to look like it's 3-D (previously: these 3-D painted children to slow drivers in Canada). The idea is that the crosswalk will be more likely to grab the attention of distracted drivers and prevent them from running somebody over. Of course, if you're driving so distracted you can't see somebody crossing the street, I'm not sure how much good a 3-D painted crosswalk is going to do. I guess that's why they're calling it an experiment. Who knows, it might even cause more accidents because people will try to take pictures of it while driving. Not everybody is as good at driving with their knee as I am, after all. Also, if you're really concerned about not getting hit at a crosswalk, just cross the street in the sewers like a normal person ninja turtle.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jan, who agrees the key to reducing pedestrian crosswalk accidents is jetpacks.

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