HalloweenSoundboard: A Sweet Website To Make Your Own Halloween Music

October 20, 2017


Note: This is just a picture, you actually have to go to the website to experiment yourself.

This is Halloweensoundboard.com, a Halloween themed soundboard website created by sound designer Matt McCorkle that allows visitors to 'experiment with eerie ambiances, twist music into otherworldly soundscapes, and play sounds reminiscent of horror movies.' I just spent twenty minutes making the perfect Halloween track to play at my party. I especially like the Skeleton song instrumentation. This party is going to be so great! "Nobody is going to show up." Nope, only the corpses I reanimate with black magic. Plus, okay, probably the cops again.

Thanks to hairless, who hasn't bobbed for apples since he was five. That's too long! (Unless you just turned six)

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