HalloweenSoundboard: A Sweet Website To Make Your Own Halloween Music

October 20, 2017


Note: This is just a picture, you actually have to go to the website to experiment yourself.

This is Halloweensoundboard.com, a Halloween themed soundboard website created by sound designer Matt McCorkle that allows visitors to 'experiment with eerie ambiances, twist music into otherworldly soundscapes, and play sounds reminiscent of horror movies.' I just spent twenty minutes making the perfect Halloween track to play at my party. I especially like the Skeleton song instrumentation. This party is going to be so great! "Nobody is going to show up." Nope, only the corpses I reanimate with black magic. Plus, okay, probably the cops again.

Thanks to hairless, who hasn't bobbed for apples since he was five. That's too long! (Unless you just turned six)

  • sizzlepants

    Reminds me of a gag a friend and I pulled years ago. We hooked up one of his synths to a pair of crappy computer speakers, fired up the vocoder and proceeded to pump all the Oooos and EEeees that box could generate out of our apartment window while he babbled general spookiness.

    We had no idea how loud it actually was outside. Turns out our other roommate was doing laundry about 3 blocks away and could hear it clearly. He wasn't sure it was us until we started going on about not having any candy in the house but having frozen vegetables instead.

  • Jenness

    Well here goes and hour or two of my life. I LOVE THIS THING!!! And it's FREEEEEeeeeEEEEeeEEEE!!!!

  • GeneralDisorder

    Adding to the existential terror, free things exist because you are the product...

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