Guy Sets New Super Mario Bros. Speedrun Record, Possible End In Sight

October 25, 2017


Speedrunner Darbian recently set a new speedrun record for Super Mario Bros. (played on an actual NES) with a time of 4:56.528, beating his previous world record by 0.35 seconds using a flagpole glitch (jumping at the very bottom of an end-level pole so Mario doesn't waste time sliding down the whole thing) in level 8-3 to shave a single frame rule off his time. What's a frame rule? Only the picture it holds. I kid, I kid, I'm so stupid:

Darbian believes 4-2 will be the next frame rule to fall. A frame rule in Super Mario Bros. speedrunning refers to the way the game tracks time, only loading subsequent levels at intervals of 21 frames, so if two players fall within the same frame rule, their times will be identical, even if one was slightly faster. In order to "get" the frame rule on a level, like 4-2, it means completing it fast enough to break into an earlier interval. That level includes glitches that are hard to pull off together, which is why an optimized 4-2 run wasn't a part of recent world records (when the flagpole glitches were discovered, many speedrunners abandoned it in favor of easier, more reliable time savers).

Darbian believes that other than the potential to take advantage of the frame rule in level 4-2, there is very little a human player can do to improve the current record, which I believe. Did I mention it was his 27,474th attempt at the record? It was his 27,474th attempt at the record. I'm just going to assume he knows what he's talking about.

Keep going for a full video of Darbian's current record run.

Thanks to Christina, who agrees the fastest way to speedrun your player 2's game is grabbing their control when they jump so they fall in a pit.

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