Good Ideas: Colin Furze Builds A Gas Travel Fireplace Inside A Briefcase

October 26, 2017


Because winter is coming, this is a video of inventor Colin Furze demonstrating his Briefcase Fireplace, a portable gas fireplace built inside a briefcase. WARNING: The TSA will think it's a bomb, which it technically could be. Still, a great idea for non-flying travelers who like to cozy up to a warm fireplace at night, but the cheap motel you're staying at doesn't have one. Hopefully it doesn't have blood stains on the mattress either. I just tried building one myself, but I don't think I added enough heat and flame resistant backing, because now my dad's entire briefcase is on fire. Obviously, it's gonna take some pretty quick thinking to get myself out of this one. "Son, have you seen my--" The devil made me do it!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Yelp Anne, who remembers when you just started a fire in a wastebasket if you got cold.

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