Full Steam Ahead!: Disney Cruise Ship Rams Dock After Misalignment Coming Into Port

October 3, 2017


This is a video of the Disney Dream cruise ship ramming a dock after the port pilot failed to properly align the vessel, and puts a gaping hole in the rear of the boat. In the videographer's own words because clearly this man is an expert:

I knew that was gonna happen! Hoooooly f**karound. Maybe they oughta hire me to drive that boat. I betcha somebody gets fired over that. *cackling* Hoooly mother! Apparently Goofy's driving the boat today.

Man, that guy sounds like a FUN TIME. Unfortunately, when reached for comment about the incident, none of the children standing near the man filming were willing to admit he was their father.

Keep going for the accident.

Thanks to CN, who agrees it's an impressive feat to hit the only thing in the water possible to hit.

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