Drone Footage Of A Tractor Trailer Driver Backing Into A Tight Spot, Complete With His How-To Commentary

October 5, 2017


Note: Some brief yelling and a dirty word at the beginning ("You saw that guy right there, man -- he could have gone way wider than that, man. And those the type of truckers you just gotta JACK SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF! Like my boy Carolina Tanglebush say, man.")

This is some drone footage of a trucker backing his rig into a tight spot between two other tractor trailers, and discussing his technique during the process. I learned a lot by watching it. Mostly, that I would never make a good trucker. Partly because I can't even back out of my parents' driveway without taking out their mailbox or a rosebush, but mostly because I don't think I have the voice for it. Between listening to this guy and Jack Burton in Big Trouble In Little China last night I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant now.

Keep going for the very informative video.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees the key to backing up is not caring what you hit in the process.

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