Damn Mother Nature, Calm Down: Spider Wrapping Up A Toad

October 18, 2017


Note: Video probably not for the squeamish. Also keep your volume in check, the guys filming go absolutely nuts screaming at the end.

This is a short video of a golden silk orb-weaver spider (aka banana spider) wrapping up a toad that foolishly jumped into its web. I'm thinking about writing a horror children's book about it ('Mr. Toad's Last Wild Ride'). Mother Nature: she's a cruel mistress. Of course anybody who would be married to one woman and banging Mother Nature on the side probably deserves whatever happens, which is almost certainly going to be a venomous snake biting your johnson or an anus full of spiders.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to blue16, who agrees if you ever see Mother Nature on Tinder, swipe left then close the app and delete it.

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