Coooool: An Arduino Powered Jack O' Lantern With A Bunch Of Moving Eyeballs

October 25, 2017

This is a video tutorial created by Youtuber 68percentwater detailing how to make your own Arduino powered jack o' lantern with a bunch of moving eyeballs. As far as jack o' lanterns go, that's a pretty sweet one. Still, it does look like a lot of work for something some little shit trick-or-treater is going to smash on my porch because I was handing out snack-sized bags of kale chips. I'll chase him with a chainsaw, but the cops will still get called even though I removed the blade.

Keep going for the video while I speculate just when that floating eyeball monster from Big Trouble In Little China banged a pumpkin.

Thanks to Josh A, who agrees there's nothing quite like jumping out of the bushes to scare a bunch of kids BUT ONLY ON HALLOWEEN.

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