Bass Slapping Solo On A 15-String Electric Bass Guitar

October 27, 2017


This is a video of musician Davie504 performing a bass slapping solo on his 15-string electric bass guitar. Apparently he produced another bass solo on the same guitar but people complained he wasn't hitting the lowest strings, so he made another one. Man -- those strings look like exhaust pipes. He does hit them in this solo, but they don't sound like much. Maybe they're not tuned tight enough? Or maybe my laptop's speakers just suck (a fact regardless). Or -- OR -- maybe the sound is just so low I just can't hear it. I can hear dog whistles, for the record. I can also hear the mailman four blocks away. "Are you--" A superhero? I might be. "I was going to say dog." Also a possibility.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Rip Rory, who can't think of slapping the bass without thinking of that movie 'I Love You Man.' That's unfortunate. Just kidding that's a great movie.

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