Artist Peels Citrus Fruit Into Animal Shapes

October 24, 2017

These are several videos from Japanese artist Yoshihiro Okada, who uses a razor blade to peel citrus fruit into animal shapes. It might not be the fastest way to peel a tangerine, but it's certainly one of the most creative. I was so inspired I actually tried peeling one myself, but it's harder than it looks. Can you even tell what it is? "First of all, that's an apple." You're saying I did it wrong, I get it. Whatever happened to constructive criticism?

Keep going for a couple more including a shrimp, flamingo, chicken and dove (all with the same bitchin' soundtrack) but you can check out Yoshihiro's Youtube channel for even more if you're really into this.

Thanks to Davey B, who agrees this guy is probably a smash hit at vegan children's birthday parties.

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