A Pedal-Electric Hydrofoil Bike You Can Ride On Water

October 25, 2017

This a video demonstration of Manta5's upcoming Hydrofoiler XE-1, a hydrofoil bike you can ride on water. The bike has a 400-watt electric motor to amplify pedaling so you can glide across a lake, river or ocean with ease. Yay exercise! Plus the bike can be pedaled to the surface if submerged, so falling off isn't a big deal. I mean, provided there isn't a man-eating shark tailing you. Then it's a very big deal. Possibly the biggest deal of your life.

Keep going for a video demonstration of all the fun to be had.

Thanks to Jake DX, who agrees this is why pirates invented sails. "Pirates didn't invent sails." WERE YOU ALIVE BACK THEN?

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