A-ha Performs An Acoustic Version Of Their Iconic 1985 Hit 'Take On Me'

October 10, 2017


This is a video of A-ha performing an acoustic version of their 1985 classic 'Take On Me' for MTV Unplugged (they're going to do an acoustic tour across Europe in early 2018, followed by a full electric tour in the summer). 'Take On Me' is easily one of my top 10 favorite 80's songs AND one my top 10 music videos of all time. This is a very pleasant and relaxing version to listen to, although it does kinda reminds me of Paul McCartney singing an acoustic Beatles song. I hope that doesn't turn you off. As a matter of fact, I hope it turns you on. Know what I'm saying? "You're saying you're in a Beatles cover band." *wink*

Keep going for the very beautiful video, as well as the original with music video for reference.

Thanks to Allyson S and porterhouse, for inspiring me to be the 'Take On Me' music video for Halloween this year.

  • Deksam

    This was the theme song of my youth, I even modeled my look after Morten, I must admit, it work very well! Very well indeed.

  • Andres Saldarriaga

    This is such an excellent song man, how do you not sing this at the top of your lungs when it comes on?

  • James Mcelroy

    this is like the bummer remix.

  • I remember when I discovered this song as a kid. I loved it immediately (my mom found it hilarious for some reason). Well, I'm off to go watch the video on youtube now.
    Also, these guys have aged really well. Usually when I see musicians from the 80s on anything they look like time beat them with a shovel. Sound good too.

  • Deksam

    They lived normal lives and stayed out of the drugs, I guess.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    came for the song, left for the crowdshots of the menopausal women


    GL Writer is a Beatles cover band!? Another clue!! Dinolover+Beatles Fan.....uhmmm

  • Frédéric Purenne

    And when you're done listening to this acoustic version, you can wake up and back to being alive with this version.

  • Matthew Anderson

    This is the ULTIMATE version though!!!

  • GeneralDisorder

    This is unrelated but I've always thought Fear Factory should do a big band version of... pretty much all their songs. Mostly the Obsolete album.

    Imagine a song like Edgecrusher or Shock with some Meghan Trainor look-alike singing like Shirley Bassey.

    Unfortunately it seems Fear Factory is just obscure enough that no one else has thought of it. I have no musical talent or I'd find a way to do it myself.

  • sizzlepants

    I know they wanted to do a duet with Sarah McLachlan around the time Obsolete came out. From what I recall she flat out refused to even consider the idea.

    Then on the other hand you have someone like Feist willing to do Mastodon covers.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I could see Sarah McLachlan saying "Fear Factory? Is that some kind of garage band or something?"

    Considering she was at the peak of her career at that time it makes sense she wouldn't bother.

  • High School = first base track 100%

  • Draco Basileus

    Damn, this makes me feel old...

  • Me too.

  • Talon184

    how did the 80s ever get to be 30 years ago??? I'm not supposed to be this old. I'm supposed to be 20 forever!!!

  • GeneralDisorder

    Ralph Maccio is older now than Pat Morita was when the first Karate Kid was released.

  • jeff

    Mark hammil is now older than Alec Guiness was in Star Wars.

  • Jenness

    Are you fucking serious? That is not possible and I refuse to accept that reality. Are you serious? *breathes in a paper bag decides a vat of wine box bag might work better* Fuck that. Fuck this. Fuck no.

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