$36,000 Houses Made From Shipping Containers

October 20, 2017


This is an example of one of the shipping container homes built by MODS International and available for purchase on Amazon for around $36,000 (plus ~$4,000 shipping). Each 320-square foot home (twice the size of my current apartment) comes complete with a bedroom, bathroom (with shower, toilet and sink), a kitchenette, living area, dying area (just kidding you can do that anywhere), appliances, and heating and air conditioning. Plus you can presumably ship yourself to a different location if you get tired of where you're living/the cops are closing in. I'm going to buy one then ship myself around the world aboard a cargo ship. Bon voyage! "You're going to die." I'm already dead.

Keep going for more shots of the interior and exterior.







Thanks to dunc, who wants to ride his home across the country aboard a train. Also a good idea!

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