245 People Rope-Jump Off A Bridge Simultaneously To Set World Record

October 25, 2017


Note: Keep your volume in check, loud horn.

This is a video from Hortolandia, Brazil of 245 people rope-jumping (not bungee jumping -- these are just nylon ropes and don't bounce) off a 30-meter (~98-foot) bridge to set a new Guinness World Record for most people doing that simultaneously. Obviously, this was a momentous occassion. From now on people will ask each other if they remember where they were when they saw 245 people rope-jump off a bridge simultaneously to set a new world record, and I can confidently answer I was falling asleep on the shitter in a bathroom stall at work.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Marcus O, who asked me if all my friends jumped off a bridge, would I? Wait -- Josh? That guy's crazy I'm not doing anything he does.

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