Video Of A Flamethrowing Drone Burning A 40-Foot Piece Of Netting Stuck On A Powerline

September 25, 2017

This is a video of a flamethrowing drone employed by power line maintenance workers in Xianyang, China, burning a 40-foot piece of nylon netting that had gotten wrapped around an ultra high voltage (UHV) power line and was affecting the line's performance (previously: photos of power companies in China doing the same thing). Some more info while I run to AutoZone for a funnel. "Buttchugging coffee?" Everybody deals with Mondays in their own way.

In the morning, our inspector found a foreign matter on the line. Through investigation, the nylon net was brought by strong wind, and severely affected the line's safe operation. We'll use a drone to deal with the emergency to ensure safety," said Feng Qi, head of Xianning power line maintenance station, Hubei power transmission and transformation project company.

Workers flew the flame-throwing drone towards the net, spitting fire at about four to five meters away from the nylon net and burnt it to the ground. In ten minutes, the power line resumed its normal operation.

So like, what happens if you fly a drone INTO a power line? Is that bad news? Because I hate bad news, and I've already gotten my fair share this morning and it isn't even 10AM. "AutoZone was out of funnels?" Apparently a lot more people deal with Mondays the same way than I had expected.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees this will all end very badly.

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