Trailer For Blue Planet II, A Sequel To The BBC's 2001 Ocean Life Nature Documentary

September 28, 2017


This is the trailer for Blue Planet II, a sequel to the BBC's 2001 Blue Planet. The seven part series will still be narrated by David Attenborough (thank God) and scored by Hans Zimmer, who collaborated with Radiohead for the track for this trailer. FUN FACTS:

In September 2017, the BBC announced that the English rock band Radiohead had collaborated with Zimmer to record a new version of "Bloom", a song from their 2011 album The King of Limbs. The new track, "(ocean) Bloom", was recorded alongside the BBC Concert Orchestra. In a press release, Radiohead singer Thom Yorke said: "'Bloom' was inspired by the original Blue Planet series so it's great to be able to come full circle with the song."

The series will incorporate new science and technology unavailable in 2001 for the most stunning views of our planet's oceans to date. It will also "devote a lot of time to exploring climate change and the pollution that's filling up the sea at a breakneck pace." Well that's depressing. When reached for comment about the series, Ariel said she made the right decision giving up her fin for legs and life on land because all her friends are dead.

Keep going for the trailer.

Thanks to becca and n0nentity, who agree it's only a matter of time until the oceans aren't even blue anymore.

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