Till Death Do Us Part: Man Shoots Wife To Prove Their New Bulletproof Clothing Line Works

September 12, 2017

Seen here after he presumably drew the long straw, this is a video of Miguel Cabbalero shooting his wife during a demonstration of their latest bulletproof clothing fashion line. Personally, if I were his wife I would have suggested that I shoot him instead, but that's just me and my self preservation instinct is strong. Same goes for my BO. So, yeah, I guess their bulletproof clothes really do work (which they better for $2,400+). That, or this woman is the calmest person who just got shot through the stomach to ever exist. Also, I want to know just how many times these two practiced this at home. She barely flinches!

Keep going for the video while I email to inquire if they also have a routine worked out for birthday parties.

Thanks to Zootghost, who agrees people who really trust their products put themselves, not their loved ones, in the line of fire (like this guy sitting in the driver's seat of a Mercedes getting riddled by an AK-47).

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