The Bet-Losing Machine, A Massive Rube Goldberg Machine That Took 297 Fails To Perfect

September 15, 2017


This is a video of Youtuber jackofallspades98 demonstrating The Bet-Losing Machine, a massive Rube Goldberg machine he built as the result of losing a bet. Personally, I would have said I wasn't serious about the bet, but that's just me and i had to grow a beard and mustache and shave my head and change my name to prevent a bookie from breaking my legs. The machine, which is surprisingly complex in a lot of parts, sits on two large tables, takes approximately three minutes to run its course from start to finish, and took 297 fails before finally working all the way through. For reference, if anything I build doesn't work right the first time I smash it with a hammer and go cry to my mom, at which point she'll try to comfort me by saying the 'For Ages 6+' on the box is clearly missing a zero and she'll write a letter to let them know.

Keep going for the video, as well as a much longer behind the scenes one where he explains the bet and various components of the machine.

Thanks to Brian A, who informed me he's a human bet-losing machine and should probably stay as far as possible away from Vegas.

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