Star Wars Everything: A Luke Skywalker Hanging In Wampa Cave Snow Globe

September 5, 2017


This is the $40 Star Wars Wampa Cave Snow Globe designed and sold by ThinkGeek. It features a helpless Luke Skywalker hanging from the ceiling of a Hoth cave while a wampa lurks nearby and a dead tauntaun keeps being dead outside. Obviously, this is going to look great on the fireplace mantle with the rest of my collection of Santa snow globes. Then when my nieces and nephews ask what's going on I'm going to tell them it's a scene of what happens to children on Santa's naughty list: he feeds them to the abominable snowman. They'll run off crying to my brother and sister and then when they come asking me about it I'll tell them they're soft parents and to go refill my eggnog or I'll run straight to Toys "Я" Us to buy all their kids children's drum sets.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video.



Thanks again to my buddy Closet Nerd, who, for two tips in one day, receives a free beer on me the next time I'm in town.

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