Star Trek The Next Generation Character Tiki Mugs

September 21, 2017


This is the Star Trek The Next Generation character Tiki Mug set crafted by Geeki Tikis and available from ThinkGeek ($80 for the set of six, currently not sold individually). Each mug holds approximately 14 ounces and is top-shelf dishwasher and microwave safe. Characters include Captain Picard, a Cardassian, a Ferengi, Geordi La Forge, Lt. Worf, and a Borg. Obviously, I just bought a set and I'm going to make them fight each other like they're action figures. They're not action figures though, so they're probably going to shatter. I'll try contacting all the king's horses and all the king's men, and they'll tell me to f*** off.

Keep going for a couple closeups and a video.



Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees we should all meet for happy hour one Friday and enjoy some tiki drinks and jalapeno poppers.

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