Real Things People Invented: The Dadbag, A Fanny Pack That Looks Like An Exposed Belly

September 19, 2017


This is the Dadbag, the brainchild of designer Albert Pukies, which I did just a little bit in my mouth right now. Each bag looks like the exposed stomach of a man, and come in a variety of skin tones, hairiness, and plumpness. At the time of this writing, the Dadbag isn't commercially available yet (Pukies is still looking for production partners), which is a shame for everybody who saw this and thought, "I must have one of those," and a real blessing to everyone who didn't.

Keep going for several more shots including the different options.








Thanks to Terrance, for reminding me I tucked a hotdog away between my belly rolls to save for a snack later.

    Also... Ha! (because fanny means vagina in Britain)

  • MustacheHam

    This won't look well for folks who like to wear fanny packs on their side instead of the front. >_>

  • Talon184

    I totally agree...but then again, I suspect people who wear fanny packs aren't concerned about looking well!

  • Jenness

    Thank you people who glorified obese models - now we have to look at this crap. I mean seriously - I really really miss having a society that valued beauty, grace, dignity and honor and not elevating every batshit crazy idea, hideous deformity or mental illness as something to aspire to.

    meh. At least it makes it harder for people to steal it. I doubt pick pockets will want to get caught feeling up this hideous things or poking what looks like sweaty and filthy belly buttons to find cash.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm also not fond of HAES, body positive whatevers, Lena Dunham (who was famous for being fat and proud but then got skinny and is basically Richard Simmons)

  • Remember when body positivity meant actually taking care of your body? Now it just means being "proud" of your body, no matter how disgusting and lazy you are.

  • Mr. Roboto

    From now on, I'm referring to my belly as my "dadbag".

  • Bling Nye

    As opposed to "ouch pouch" which is your scrotum. Good to differentiate.

  • Mr. Roboto

    No joke, my brother and I used to call it "pouching" when we would whack each other in the nuts as kids.

  • Talon184

    Board Room Meeting:

    Suit #1: People, Fanny packs are out of style. Is there anything we can do to make them more disgusting than they already are?

    Suit# 2: Well, now that you mention it....

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