Man Tests Amazon's 'Unlimited' Cloud Storage By Uploading Over 1.8 Million Gigabytes Of Sexy Videos

September 1, 2017


To test Amazon's (since cancelled) unlimited cloud storage, Redditor beaston02 uploaded over 1.8 petabytes (1.8 million gigabytes) of sexy videos to the cloud. For reference, that's approximately 23.4 years of 1080p video, 102 years of 720p video, or 293.5 years of crappy standard definition video. Apparently beaston02 was originally manually uploading videos before he realized that would take forever, so he wrote scripts to record all the sexy public camshows from adult sites and have them automatically uploaded. Everybody has a dream. Of course, some dreams are best shared behind the anonymity of your Reddit username.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees offering unlimited something is always a risky business.

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